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Zone posting conduct guidelines
Hello members.

To help establish a forum standard for conduct, the following has been posted for the singular purpose of a fair debate,
no matter what political affiliation a person has, the standard will apply to EVERYONE here as a member, this includes the Moderators as well.

There are TWO Zone levels of posting behavior here.

Zone 1: will be strongly moderated, because these are not debate areas, it is a place to relax and for light and comfortable discussion, or in help areas:


Site Feedback


Cigar Lounge


In these strongly moderated area, Civil discourse will be the focus here, this means NO Insults, name calling, trolling, or talking down on members allowed at all.

Any violations SHALL be addressed along, with a possible warning Infraction, post likely deleted.


Zone 2: Will be given a relaxed standard of moderation, in contrast to Zone 1 guidelines, to maintain reasonable civil debate, some allowance for some snarky and some flame attacking statements, but the hard trolling, the hit and run flames, or the hijacking/derailing threads, WILL be moderated!

Post violations may be deleted, infractions may be imposed.

New thread post being attacked for source relevance, or against the writer personally is not accepted here, it will be considered OFF TOPIC, debate the content of the post instead.

All postings in threads should stay on topic well enough for the allowance of some flaming and snarky stuff in Zone 2, or moderation will come in and clean it up with possible post deletions and infractions imposed.
Posting flame and snark alone SHALL be deleted, we are here to debate, not to attack members personally.

Moderator decisions WILL be based on the PRESENT offending post to decide whether to impose an infraction/ and or delete the post, regardless of past behavior or infractions of the person being moderated. It is to be done on a case by case basis to maintain objectivity.

There will be NO argument with moderation actions allowed on the board, go through the PM system to discuss it there.

There are NO plans to install a hidden Flame/attack/screaming forum, that would be barely moderated. I don't agree with that idea, Not going to subsidize/support animal behavior, which is why it is never set up in any of my forums.

If you have any questions or criticism, feel free to talk about it in the PM system.

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