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Forum posting rules guidelines
Hello members.

These are the standard posting Rules guidelines, that ALL members are expected to take seriously, some of it are obvious violations and some not so obvious, but I will post about them anyway, to make clear that we are ALL expected to be on the same page with it.

This forum SHALL observe Copyright/fair use Laws, and links MUST be posted from all articles quoted from the media. All members are expected to adhere to this forums guideline of posting no more than 25% of the Article, and from the beginning of the article, Article homepage, article headline, date and author must be posted as well.

Failure to follow the article posting rules described above, and/or ignoring Moderator request for fixing the poorly formatted article post will be a quick suspension, post deleted.

Spamming, pornographic material, death threats, Chronic bigotry, defaming member attacks, illegally posted content, repeated ignoring moderation decisions, and chronic complaining in PUBLIC about moderation decisions, are all considered BANNABLE offenses here.

People who come here specifically to disrupt debate with bad trolling, off topic/thread diversion tactics, stalking/baiting members, threaten members, SHALL be given major fractions, and possible posting suspensions, or Bans if offender has a history of repeated violations.

Trolling is defined as "deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them." Harassment, or the persistent targeting of a member across threads, are not acceptable actions.

Trolling/Harassing behavior is a major pet peeve of mine, there is no intent for debate with this type of behavior, it can destroy threads and make innocent members and forums suffer from it. 

Offenders will be given at least a week suspension or immediate BAN if offender has history of repeated violations.

All other "minor infractions" POINTS will be added by moderators, they show up on the members warn account. they do accumulate over time, but they also disappear over time too, bigger the posted infraction, the slower they disappear.... 

Moderator decisions are NOT to be subjected to public debate (Posts WILL be deleted), the PM system is available to talk about a decision in private. If a member fails to adhere to this rule, they will be suspended or Ban if history of repeated violations.

Members are allowed to REPORT suspected forum rule and conduct violations, but please make sure they are actual violations first BEFORE sending the report a post. Old violations may be ignored unless violations are serious!

Administrator and Moderators will use their best judgment with regard to specific situations. Remember, this is our forum. Good faith and attitude will help everyone. 

Members who steadfastly post in good faith and conduct in debate make the work of Moderators easy, and forum a good place to visit.

If you have any questions, or criticisms  about the rules page, feel free to talk about it in the PM system.

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