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Proposal for Immediate Action
Tens of millions of Americans are getting fed up to the back teeth with the arson, looting, rioting and murder that we have been witnessing for the past few months, occurring while some elected fofficials sat on their hands, or even helped pay the bail for the infrequent cases of arrest.

I would like to ask this group to comment on an idea I came across (at's have a Show the Flag Day to express our disgust and anger, and our determination to stand up and be counted in our support of the thin blue line that stands between us and anarchy.

Let's choose a date -- perhaps Sunday, 18 October -- when everyone who stands against AntiFa and BurnLootMurder, will display the flag, in every way we can. We might call it 'Stand Up for America Day".

(And entrepreneurs can work overtime supplying us with flags before the date.)

Fly it, put up posters with it, have bumper stickers with it, have public rallies with it ... give the 'silent majority' a way to show their feelings.

It should not be a 'partisan' effort. Invite the support of all politicians, right across the political spectrum.

It will put our gutless liberal politicians on the spot -- either they will have to go along with it -- and alienate the radical part of the their base -- or they will have to try to ignore it, and, hopefully, alienate the 'ordinary Democrat' part of their base.

If we're going to do this we must start NOW. If you think this is a good idea, please come to where we'll be discussing  how to coordinate this, or PM me  here. If you're not sure about this idea, please contribute your criticisms here.

We're going to need to be able to contact every veterans' group, every police union, every patriotic organization that we can.
There will be a lot of work involved in assembling the email addresses of these groups ... but it can be done. Your help would be hugely appreciated.

Here is the article that first gave me this idea:
I like this passage in the link:

Quote:The American flag, though, is not personal. It is, instead, a flag for everyone who believes in certain values that transcend any color, race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, country of origin, or any other mutable or immutable characteristics.

Democrats needs to become Americans again, by embracing the flag, it could be their way back to supporting the American Republic, the Constitution, the personal freedom the founding fathers cherished and codified in law.
I fly a flag every day and it's even lit at night. Been that way for over a year now. The wife gave me an extendable flagpole for the front yard, but I'm not physically capable any longer of digging the necessary hole, pouring in cement, in order to erect it.

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