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AntiFa going mad
Assuming AntiFa has anything like a national central leadership, they must be pulling their hair out over things like this.

We, on the other hand, should be cheering: this is how the broad middle of America will be driven towards us.

Active patriots need to look for 'pools' of people who should be standing up against the Left, but who may have been passive up to#
this point.

Devout Christians are an example ... there is a trend among some Christians to retreat from the sinful world -- the fancy term for this
is the 'Benedictine Option'. [ See here: ].  But that won't really be an option, if the Hard Left
come to power. 

Homeschoolers are another group we should try to get activated: a Leftist government will not allow homeschooling: children are the property
of the state, and will be indoctrinated by it.  (Homeschooling is already illegal in Germany.)

The sort of insane behavior linked to above gives credibility to the idea that they may turn up at certain polling places where a lot of Trump supporters
are likely to appear --and this underscores the necessity of forming Polling Place Stewards who can face down any AntiFa vermin and escort would-be voters to and from the polls.
1. I think Antifoid and BLM leaders are fine with attacks on Christianity, unless they realize it alienates a LOT of people. I'm not sure they realize that, though.

2. We graduated our youngest early in GWB's administration, but at the time I found a lot of homeschoolers are in the conservative-libertarian areas of the political spectrum. We understood that authoritarian government was hostile to homeschooling. We also understood that - unfortunately, from our ARO POV - there were Rs who favored strong government authority that would be inclined to infringe freedoms.

"Vote straight R ticket" would be an ineffective message. Homeschoolers of the conservative-libertarian bent will look at candidates' stances and actions rather than the letter after their name.
I was looking for photos of antifa and i found a list of alleged radical righties. If that is so...why have we not heard of them. If it was legit...wouldn't fake media be plastering their faces up everywhere 24/7 and blaming any violence on them.

I wonder if this alt right army people even know their photos on the list.
I never HEARD of "Proud Boys" until the leftist media called them, effectively, radical, white-supremacist, right-wing rioters.  Turns out they are nothing of the sort.
Standard leftist lies is all they have left, they way they talk, anyone NOT a leftist MUST be a racist, supremacist, hater.

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