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I have serious Night Owl problems, it is when I try to beat sleep coma trying to stargaze all night with a big Telescope, like my 25" F5 Telescope I used to own, or the current 18" F4.5 I have standing in my house around 8 feet tall. 

I bought it in June this year for $2,500, an used scope, which I had to fix up the mirror box, but ready to roll!

Here is what a similar sized Telescope looks like, don't worry that happy man isn't me:


The design is called a DOBSONIAN, named after a man who invented it, allows for a much larger, portable and even affordable telescope to be used by many. Met him a couple times at the old Table Mountain Star Party, near Ellensburg Washington, in the early 1990's.

Now trying to buy a 5.5" F 3.6 Comet Catcher for the very wide view on very large and bright deep sky beauties'.

This is my old 25" F 5 Obsession Telescope I used to own, sold it 10 years ago to a club member, who still has it, will stargaze together soon.


I am NOT in the photo, they are fellow club members.

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