Interview @ Zona Acustica [Mexico]

February, 2012

Review @ Zona Acustica [Mexico]

February, 2012

      Interview @ Agarrate [Argentina]

      January, 2012

"Within days of celebrating 10 years of his arrival to Mexico, the Argentine musician Urkel debuts his first album Urkel (...) offering a fantastic musical and aesthetic that has characterized him as an avant-garde artist who redefines the pop genre with artistic quality and social sensitivity. "





Event review @ Centro Cultural José Marti [Mexico]

September, 2009

Event review @ Centro Cultural José Marti [Mexico]

August, 2009

"Introspective, sarcastic singer, obsessive guitarist, laconic, provocative composer in nature, hedonist, neurotic, maverick, voracious ... Urkel is a new aesthetic and musical profile that carries a strong ideological sense"



"... A different perspective that brings a cultural proposal where the focus is the diversity that combines the search for the song as a primary language (...) Forged from the depths of the Argentine underground, his proposal beats and feeds from avatars, crises and conflicts inherent to the human being. "



Event review @ Palacio Arzobispado [Mexico]

September, 2008
















"This singer combines fresh and smart avant-garde sound with pop elegance, coupled with a fine sensibility, making it the most ambitious project of the new Argentine pop"


Review @ Tiempo Libre [Mexico]

ovember, 2006

Reseña @ Tiempo Libre [México] - Agosto, 2006

Reseña @ Adonis [México]

Mayo, 2006

"After the great success in his first acoustic format, the Argentine singer and guitarist embarks himself into this new show revisiting his own compositions ..."












"A show with strong pop predominance in the broadest sense of the term, conceptual and a heartbreaking autobiographical, which surely many will feel related to."

"The Argentine singer and guitarist returns to stages of Mexico city showing an original cocktail of electronic pop at its most avant garde and provocative angle"





Review @ Centro Cultural José Martí [Mexico] - September, 2005

Review @ Tiempo Libre [México]

June, 2005

Interview @ Homopolis [Mexico]

June, 2005

"The Argentine Urkel, a charismatic and talented young man, closes his first promotional stage in which it came to our country with an original cocktail of pop and electronica. Rhythms with which he made several performances around this city."





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